Back Story: It’s freaking hot in New England this summer. Yesterday, the heat had me craving a daiquiri. We didn’t have any fresh strawberries or other kind of citrus in the fridge. But, I found a container of strawberry/rhubarb sauce that I made earlier in the week for frozen yogurt topping. Hmmmm. What if? Could it? Let’s try it!! It was a good call!!


Sauce: Chop rhubarb (8 stalks) into bite size pieces. Add to a pot with 2 quarts of halved strawberries. Add 1 cup of sugar and a splash of water. Let cook on low for about an hour stirring occasionally. Let cool. This thick sauce is good on anything (angel food cake, lemon cake, pan cakes, ice cream etc). This makes enough sauce for 4 pitchers of daiquiris. You can freeze it too. 🙂

Daquiri: Fill a blender 3/4 the way with ice. Add 1 cup of light rum (more of you want), 3/4 cup lemonade, and 1 1/2 cup of strawberry/rhubarb sauce. Blend til smooth. Enjoy!!