Meal: BBQ Venison Slider with slaw and grilled corn

Back Story: This Memorial Day weekend, we happened upon a venison shank (see this post for more on why we happen upon this delicious, lean game meat). We decided to Q it in the crockpot. I knew that I wanted to use citrus and chipotle peppers in the sauce. I referred to a
crockpot cookbook not expecting to find much, but was pleasantly surprised to find a really promising combination of just that.

Method: Any recipe that starts with beer will usually turnout OK. The recipe is below, I substituted maple syrup for honey (just b/c we love it and it’s made by our Uncle Bobby) and venison shank (2 pounds) for the short ribs. Over the 8 hours, I flipped the shank a couple of times and basted each hour or so. After the eight hours, I strained the sauce, reduce it by half and added it back to the crockpot. While the sauce is reducing, shred the venison. It came right off I the bone.

Slaw: This is a seriously good recipe good if you like fennel. It stands up perfectly to the venison flavor and the fennel and citrus are flavor soul mates.

Corn: Soaked the uncleaned/unhusked corn for an hour in cold water. Peel back husks and remove the silk, return the husks and let soak for another half hour. Bind the ends with husks or foil. Grill on low for 40 mins or so. Serve with salted butter.

Assembly: Bun, then slaw, then venison. Awesomeness.