Meal: Braised bok choy, teriyaki steelhead trout, and quinoa salad.

Back Story: I’ve become a HUGE fan of braising veggies. For celery, romaine, and bok choy, it’s a great method of imparting loads of flavor during cooking. This is my method of braising. Hasn’t failed me yet, so I thought I’d share.

Method: Slice celery or bok choy in half, rinse thoroughly. Wipe dry with a paper towel. Remember that water steams when it hits a hot surface and steam is not desirable for browning. That’s why we want it to be dry- good color. {There’s a nice pic of the type of color you want on celery below.} Heat a pat of butter in a pan, as
soon as the bubbles subside but before the butter turns brown, add the bok or celery core-side down for 5 minutes. Apply pressure if needed to achieve good browning. Flip once then add a cup of broth or wine or water. Cover and let simmer on low until soft. For celery, that’s about 20 mins. For tonight’s little bok choys, it only took 10 minutes. Enjoy!