Meal: Grilled fruit & salmon
with black bean wild rice and summer squash.

Back story: We are lucky to have a really good local fish monger in our neck of the woods. The Other Brother Darryl’s Seafood is worth the drive to Otis–nice people, great fish. A surprise real estate appointment brought Dan to Otis. He made the best of it with a trip to Daryl’s. He got salmon, scallops and some halibut, all brought in from Boston that morning.

Method: Get your MF secret weapon out and get wild rice started. Add a chopped jalapeño to the salted cooking liquid. We waited to add rinsed black beans until about 5 mins before done. Thick slice citrus (orange, lemon and lime) and squashes. When the rice is about 15 mins out, grill fruit & veggies. Remove and set aside. Grill salmon til medium rare. Dan made an basil & mint herb oil drizzie to go on top.

Plating: Rice, then fish, fruit on top, and veggies on the side. Drizzle the oil on top. Be sure to squeeze the citrus on to the fish and then eat the it, rind and all. Terrific! Enjoy.